A leather shoe store in the heart of Florence.

Our canto of Paradise

©Foto Locchi

©Foto Locchi

Florence, an open-air museum made of little streets and alleys, has always been the homeland of leather artisans. As a matter of fact, the Florentine leather tradition is rooted through the centuries, an excellence that stands out worldwide even nowadays.

Our workshop was born in 1985 in an environment rich in art, culture and traditions. We are in the heart of the historic center, on Via del Corso, at the foot of a XIV century’s Tower, where once Guelphs and Ghibellines faced each other and Dante praised his Beatrice.

©Foto Locchi

Customers coming from all over the world stepped into our workshop and they brought our leather shoes around the globe, embodying our motto: let them live the life you live. In 1990 we opened a second boutique, still in Florence, in the historic shoe shop in Via Romana.

Today we are proudly continuing the same tradition, with a look towards innovation. Our collections are available for online purchase, so you can catch the pleasure of wearing our shoes from anywhere in the world.

The warmth of a family

Inheritance and authenticity: these are two values dear to us. For this reason, we choose our partners with a lot of care, in order to build strong relationships and to offer a pleasant, curated and welcoming shopping experience.

In our store you will find and rediscover a specialized staff with which you can build relationships and enjoy a personal experience. So you can always have a little corner, in Via del Corso, where to go back and feel like home.


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Bringing you the essence of Florence with our authentic Italian leather shoes.