The legacy of the Florentine Leather tradition

From three generations, the Ricci Family hands down the ancient art of Florentine leather.

This passion for the shoemaking art began around 1920 with Amedeo Ricci, a cobbler in a small handcrafted laboratory. Over the years, the precious secrets of his knowledge have been passed down from father to son, as the Italian artisan tradition wants.

In 1985, after years of experience in the field of trade, his nephew Gianni Ricci with his wife Manuela, gave life to their workshop “Antica Cuoieria” in the heart of Florence, combining well-known brands with their own brand: Canto de’ Ricci.

© Foto Locchi

Still today the brand “Canto de’ Ricci” hands down the essence of the Florentine leather tradition, establishing itself as synonymous with authenticity, style and quality.

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